3. About Us

About Us

HYPER EDITION is the world’s first NFT art platform dedicated to photography and contemporary art. Our aim is to provide a uniquely high quality digital art experience online and expand the realm of the digital art market by connecting the developing NFT art market with the well established photographic and contemporary art world.

HYPER EDITION is being created by the founders of Tokyo Photo, an international art fair, specializing in photography, 2009 – 2015. Over those seven years, the fair showcased thousands of photographic works, ranging from fine art works to the latest digital media works via world-class exhibitors from around the world; Tate Modern, J.P. Getty Museum, Gagosian Gallery, SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Taka Ishii Gallery, Zeit-Foto, Yossi Milo, Danziger Gallery, Rose Gallery, Michael Hoppen Gallery, Camera Work, and Magnum Photos. Click here to view the fair: https://youtu.be/Wd4S8hvX6l4
Artwork by © Eduardo Enrique