3. Alessio Boni

Alessio Boni

Alessio Boni was born and raised in a small village in the mountains outside of Rome, where he spent his youth. His introduction and passion for photography came at an early age, learning analog photography and dark room printing from his father and uncle. Boni left Italy for New York in 2006. His exposure to new people, new cultures, diversity and new landscapes has continued to influence his work for the last decade. He considers traveling to be his biggest inspiration, and documenting to be the main purpose of his photography.

Boni’s homosexuality and research into his own sexuality has given first direction to his work. Moving to New York City opened Boni up to a reality of being free, compared to the more conservative ways of Italy. He urgently felt the need to declare to the entire world that he was man who loved men, and therefor was gay. Since then he has been documenting male beauty the way he perceives it, using photography as a voice of expression against any kind of prejudice.Boni recognizes that the last decade spent living and traveling in America has helped shape his photography greatly, which otherwise would have been very different if he never left his native country. Now that he has found his voice and vision, his roots are calling him back and he’s ready to re-explore Europe and Italy with a different point of view.Regardless of where Boni lives, he will continue to turn to art, music, cinema, books, and new encounters to find his inspiration.